Tow & Go

Eddbarry Motors sometimes have vehicles for sale that are designated 'Tow n Go'. 

These are vehicles that have not been through an authorised shop for a safety inspection, and whilst they can be purchased from us, they need to be physically towed off the lot, and a purchase contract signed acknowledging that the vehicle has not passed a safety inspection and may not be suitable for road use.

Why Tow n Go?

Some vehicles are at end of life, and we send them straight to the crusher, however, some vehicles are perfectly reasonable but to bring them up to a standard where they can be sold from our dealership can sometimes not be cost effective.
For example, we might have an Jeep Grand Cherokee that runs, drives and stops very nicely but to be sold from the dealership, it will need tires, rotors, pads, a tune up, an oil change and perhaps a windscreen, plus detail and safety inspection. Right there is several thousand dollars for a vehicle that might only be worth a couple of thousand dollars, so it makes no sense for us to bring it up to standard. In addition, it hurts to send a vehicle with good bones to the crusher.
Another example of a Tow n Go vehicle is an older, or classic vehicle. Older vehicles are often ongoing projects, and unless an older vehicle is restored, it can be difficult and expensive to bring it up to today's modern, safe standards.

Tow n Go offers the opportunity for the customer to purchase a more cost effective vehicle, in the knowledge that they will have to put some time, money and effort into making the vehicle safe for road use. As such, every vehicle sold in this manner has to be towed off the lot. No exceptions.

The buyer's contract will state clearly that the vehicle is a tow and go, and we will photograph the vehicle being towed from our yard to keep with our records.

Eddbarry Motors will organise the tow, using one of the local registered Tow Operators. 

  • All Tow n Go vehicles can be inspected at our lot prior to purchase.
  • All Tow n Go sales are final.
  • All payments are in cash or banker's draft.
  • Vehicles can be test driven
  • All paperwork and full receipt is given to the customer.
  • You are buying at solely your own risk. 
  • Title MUST be transferred to purchasers name, prior to removal of the vehicle. No exceptions.
  • The buyer is responsible for the cost of the tow
  • Each vehicle is subject to applicable taxes
  • There will be no Documentation Fee for Tow n Go vehicles

For further information, Ask Adam or come in to Eddbarry Motors and see what we have available.




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